Spirituality Groups


We are spiritually fed in a variety of ways, through Sunday worship services, our Church School program and through small groups. We offer workshops, spirituality, spiritual practice, Bible study and book groups. These offerings are led by members of our church community as often as possible and have a clear beginning and end, so that the group does not become entrenched or stale. Groups that are successful are repeated again and again, always welcoming in new folks to experience what others have enjoyed. Please speak with the minister to register your ideas for new groups.

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Mapping our Faith Journeys

In an age when the dominant narrative about church is one of decline, our little church is thriving. Why are we choosing church today? In 2016, Rev. Cathlin received a Pastoral Study Grant from the Louisville Institute for a project on mapping our faith journeys—her own and those of the congregation. Cathlin is especially interested in mapping the journeys of people who grew up unchurched, left the church of their childhood, or who have identified as SBNR (Spiritual But Not Religious.) This group meets over four evenings. Participants then write up their insights from the workshop and share them with the congregation on a Sunday morning. Click here to read an article in the UCC publication Spotlight  about the Mapping class.


Hope through the Journey of Divorce Divorce can be an isolating and painful time.  Whether you are a person going through a divorce, contemplating a divorce or living in the aftermath of a divorce, we will discover together how to navigate the experience of divorce in a more spiritually healthy way.  Hope Through the Journey of Divorce offers support, education, and guidance within a group environment with others who are facing similar life challenges.  Under the leadership of Mary Beth Daniels, a certified spiritual counselor and seminary graduate, we will look at divorce as an opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation.  We will explore divorce as a journey and a map containing potential roadblocks to avoid.  We’ll also develop tools and find new, more empowering ways to navigate through relationships, emotions and the transition into singlehood. Ultimately, we will focus on developing a pathway to healing and renewed purpose and peace. 

Some of the topics we will cover include:  Identity & Self-Perception, Self Esteem & Self-Love, Moving from Reaction to Action, Reengaging in Relationships, Forgiving Self & Others, Renewing a Relationship with God, and Moving into this Next Phase of Life. 

Lectio divina

Lectio Divina is another pathway to spiritual nourishment in our church. The Latin phrase, lectio divina, literally means "divine reading" and it is simply using various brief sacred texts to guide reading and prayer. The meaning of each of these selections is contemplated through repetition, prayer and meditation. Each participant 'listens' to what the words are saying to his or her heart. There is no preparation or analytical knowledge or background required - just an openness to new spiritual self knowledge and a quiet time away from the bustle of our busy daily lives. This facilitated group usually meets once a week for six weeks and everyone is welcome to share in this rather unique experience.

Men's Bible Study

The Men’s Bible Study is an opportunity to meet for a small-group study of the Bible and to enjoy one another’s company.  The goal is to understand the Bible more deeply and discover ways in which it has application to our lives and our beliefs.  This Bible Study generally meets for 4 –6 weeks in a row, and then breaks for several weeks before resuming (except for the summer when it does not meet).  Meeting on Tuesdays at 7:30 a.m. and running until 8:45 a.m., the group gathers in the church office, and shares conversation, study, coffee, and a variety of morning refreshments.